Alan Ward

Vice President, Masters of occupational therapy

Alan Ward has been providing Occupational Therapy services locally since 2005. He provides OT in a variety of settings including hospitals (San Juan Hospital and Blue Mountain Hospital),  outpatient clinics (Monticello, Blanding, Montezuma Creek, and Monument Valley),  and for Home Health patients throughout most of San Juan County. Alan’s outpatient OT clinics focus on rehabilitating disorders/injuries of the hand and forearm, (with specialization in custom splinting), but in other settings  his focus is more on rehabilitating function in the activities of daily life (everything from the basics like dressing/grooming/self-care, to higher level skills like driver re-entry  and community access skills). He is often involved in assessing home environments for fall risks and consulting with patients/families on ways to do some basic modifications that will greatly improve safety and independence for a loved one who is ill or disabled. He loves living in this area with his amazing wife and six terrific children.